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Fitness and health coach Ashley Brush sitting on a bench in front of a rock wall.


These weren't always the words I used to describe myself.

I struggled with body image issues most of my life which negatively impacted my ability to love myself. I was forced down a path I didn’t want. I didn’t know I was allowed to choose me. 

After, I woke up one morning and realized I’d had enough. I needed to choose something for myself, so I went for a run.


The world stood still for the first time in my life.

I was able to collect my thoughts. The feeling was invigorating. I ran again the next day, and the next day, and in building this habit of daily movement, and I started changing. 

I found myself regularly out there on the trail.

I became a more balanced, happier, healthier version of me. 

I fell in love with myself and my body, and was able to create a life I chose. 

Today, I continue to pursue my passion for fitness. I am an avid runner, a single mom to a wonderful boy, and an active member of the running community in Bend, Oregon.

Colorful running shoes dangling from their laces
Illustration of woman with colorful hair and flowers growing out of her head

In two years, I went from running zero miles to running a 100-mile marathon. I had no idea how much I would accomplish with that first run, but I am so glad I took that step.


After achieving my 100-mile goal, I decided it was time for a new chapter in life and began training in how to encourage and coach others on their own fitness journey. I especially love helping people who are new to their own fitness and running journeys. 


Today I love to empower others, from beginners to those with more experience, and help them see just how amazing they are.

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